Designing a signature talk with a powerful structure is a game-changer when it comes to connecting with your audience and consistently converting sales. Crafting a talk that seamlessly guides listeners through a structured journey allows you to capture attention, build trust, and inspire action, ultimately leading to increased sales and business success.


Delivering your talk is less about stage rehearsal and ALL about generating internal peace. This allows your audience to feel at ease and receptive to your message. By being grounded, you exude a natural authority and authenticity that resonates with listeners. When you are speaking from a place of true conviction and belief in what you're saying, it in turn fosters trust and credibility.


Marketing your talk and yourself as a speaker is essential for maximizing your reach, attracting the right audience, and creating opportunities for success. Effective marketing allows you to showcase your expertise, build your personal brand, and position yourself as a sought-after speaker in your industry.
Impact millions and monetize your message.

For me, your success is personal

Speaking has always been a powerful force for change.

In business, speaking is still considered the best way to build your credibility and connect to potential clients. Whether you are on a stage, sharing video content or simply speaking 1:1 with clients (current or potential) speaking is the lifeline of your business and your brand.

Most entrepreneurs think they need to be a great speaker to get results, which simply isn't true.

The real problem is most people don't treat speaking as a system in their business. For MANY years I didn't treat speaking as a system and I struggled with inconsistent results!

Our approach to speaking

Your voice, your energy and your message all need to be in FULL alignment to actively lead your audience and create the INFLUENCE you were called to create!

Strategic Storytelling

Connect with your audience and generate trust through sharing your story in a way that inspires your audience and showcases who you are and your level of expertise

Expert Content

Share content that has your audience saying YES to working with you without having to directly sell, because your content is simple, deep and memorable

Attraction Energetics

Align your energy with your message authentically and release anything that holds you back from being the highest version of yourself so you can serve fully

Master Visibility Plan

Fill your speaking calendar with the right stages filled with the right audience to increase your results and be seen as the go to expert speaker in your industry


The Ultimate Speakers Blueprint is the bundle that every speaker needs to begin building a solid foundation of success. This bundle program includes 6 different resources that teach you the strategies you need to build success in your business through speaking.



The HELL YES Offer System is a 2-day LIVE online training that teaches you how to create an offer that has your audience saying HELL YES!

Learn how to lay out your offer to attract your soul mate clients, communicate your offer to increase desire and create a value ladder within your business to begin creating clarity in your business as a speaker!



The Influential Speakers Formula Training is the ULTIMATE speakers training that creates lasting results in business and speaking for years to come

In this training you will:

  • Create your signature talk that will connect and convert clients consistently from the stage

  • Deliver it in a way that unlocks your true influential power

  • Market yourself as a speaker to land the right speaking opportunities to grow your business fast!



Meagan Fettes is an outstanding speaker coach. I've been speaking for many years, but am continuing to fine tune my skills as a keynote speaker. Meagan helped me craft my keynote for a recent event, giving me constructive feedback in a kind and inspiring way throughout my preparation. I would highly recommend working with Meagan to grow as a confident speaker!


The Influential Speakers Formula was INCREDIBLE. Before I started the program, I had been speaking for 25 years, but was not achieving the level of sales and results I really wanted. Now I consistently convert each time I speak and I have so much confidence in myself and my ability to grow my business. The whole process was so much fun and truly life changing. Thank you Meagan!


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